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ILNA: A senior official at the National Iranian Gas Company(NIGC) said volume of exports this year increased by 8% as compared to the previous year, adding that the required infrastructures for gas exports to Basra have been provided by NIGC.

Speaking to reporters, Hassan Montazer Torbati, NIGC Planning Director, said the gas network due to shortage of production in the past years was faced with problem in supplying household and commercial demands, therefore the Oil Ministry put development of South Pars field as its priority.

Stressing that Phase ۱۲ of South Pars is considered the most Iranian phase in the field, Montazer Torbati said Phase ۱۲ became operational under the best circumstances of NIGC and the gas network.

As for gas exports to Iraq through Basra, the official noted that the required infrastructures for gas export to Basra have been provided by the National Iranian Gas Company.

With regard to the export of gas to Baghdad, the Iranian official added that the project for the implementation of gas exports from Naft Shahr border is nearing its finalization and that in its first phase, there is the capacity of exporting ۱۰ million cubic meters of gas to this city per day.

The official said that with regard to the increase in gas production in the South Pars joint fields since the beginning of the current year, the volume of the country’s gas exports has been ۲.۵ billion cubic meters more than the imports, and gas trade balance of the country has been positive.

Montazer Torbati said after the Persian Gulf countries, European countries are the second priority of gas exports.

Pointing to increase in the gas processing capacity of the country, he said the volume of natural gas processing capacity has increased by ۲۲ billion cubic meters this year as compared to the previous year.

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