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ILNA: London is to host conference on investment opportunities in Iran, website of the Voice of the America announced on Monday night.

The conference occurs simultaneous with continued talks between Iran and G۵ + ۱ countries this week in Vienna.

New round of nuclear talks in Vienna this week is to help reach a comprehensive and final deal on Iran’s peaceful nuclear program, said the report.

While the fate of nuclear talks is not clear and removal of economic sanctions on Iran still unresolved, London has hosted the conference to absorb foreign investments for Iran.

The conference is to be slated for ۱۵-۱۶ October in London, it said.

It seems Iran is not to officially conduct the conference but has supported it and it is scheduled the message of President Hassan Rouhani to be read out at the conference by his bureau chief Mohammad Nahavandian.

Two renowned politicians named as Jack Straw, the current parliamentarian and former British foreign secretary Jack Straw and former French Foreign Minister Hobart Verdin are among the lecturers at the conference.

London government has declared that it has no role in holding the conference and is not to encourage investment in Iran, keeping an eye on the conference for true analysis on the country’s economic sanctions, it said.

Following the nuclear talks between Iran and G۵ + ۱ in Geneva last year, parts of the economic sanctions such as import of limited volume of oil from Iran were suspended, but, the US administration for many times declared that all sanctions will remain in force until end of nuclear talks, said the report.

Some institutes or companies doing business with Iran irrespective of economic sanctions were punished by the United States of America, it said.

According to the Persian - language daily, Iran, introduction of oil market, petrochemical, auto industry along with other investment opportunities valued over dlrs ۱۰۰ billion are to be presented and discussed on the two - day conference.

Over ۲۰۰ entrepreneurs and businessmen from Iran and Europe are to attend the conference, said the daily.

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