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Marketing director of Toyota representative in Iran said that the company has plans for importing hybrid models.

“Farzad Salehi”, Marketing director of Toyota’s representative in Iran, answeing a question about the reason behind offering and delivering the same model of Toyota to the customer, told ILNA  that despite lifting of nuclear sanctions, its effects are still in place, in a way that for addressing market demand we had to import cars from different ways.

“Vehicles that have been built for Persian Gulf market surely have different options from the those that have been manufactured for Russia. European cars, for instance, rarely have sunroofs, since there is much less sun there, in comparison with Persian Gulf countries” he stressed.

Adding that in recent years, the company has always been on the top of sales services, emphasized that while the country was in sanctions, we not only provided such services to the cars that have been sold but also tried to offer the services to other Toyota products.

Meanwhile, Salehi talked about 5 new cars that would be presented and their extensive plan for importing hybrid cars. Adding that in previous years 35 percent of Toyota’s export to Iran have been hybrid cars, he told that such fact shows that Iranian market has such capacity and the people would welcome the idea.


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