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Iran's Central Bank official told its legal office is working on the case of confiscation of Iran's assets in Luxembourg.

"Valliolah Seif", Governor of Central Bank of Iran (CBI) regarding US confiscation of $1.6b Iran assets in Luxembourg said that the incident is not something new and has been activated from long ago. Describing the case, he added that an American court has filed a lawsuit against Iran's assets in Luxembourg regarding September 11th events. 

"The American court has ordered to freeze the assets but the plea has been rejected by the Luxembourg court. The ruling has been appealed by Americans. As our legal office and our lawyers are working on the case, we believe that it would be resolved and the claims by the media usually refers to past cases" he emphasized.  

Pointing to the measures that have been taken to prevent similar instances, CBI top official has said that as in the past, the Central Bank has tried it's best to make foreign assets and funds that have been in danger, unaccessible.


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