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Road and Urban Development minister attended the opening of part of North to South Transport Corridor.

“Kheirollah Khademi”, Head of Construction and Development of Transportation Infrastructure Company (CDTIC) in an interview with ILNA economic correspondent announced that about few minutes ago, Iran’s Road and Urban Development Minister attended the opening of the Kermanshah western ring road with the length of 23 KM and 4 grade-separated junction. The route is part of the International North to South Transport Corridor (INSTC).  

The Deputy Road and Urban Development Minister, pointed that the value of the project is estimated to be 1200 billion Rials.  

“As one of the two corridors, it has granted budget from the Management and Planning Organization of Iran (MPO) and is known at the national level”, he emphasized.  

According to Road Ministry top official, the ring road is capable of passing transit goods from north western provinces and Bazargan border to the southern regions and Persian Gulf waters.  

At the end, he stressed that operation of the highway would increase the safety of the country’s road network and reduce parallel routs' traffic.

“Besides, reducing the fuel consumption, it would be able to cut travel time by 15 minutes”, he added.


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