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Iran's Agricultural Minister says the organization will soon declare Avian Influenza free statues.

"Mahmoud Hojati", Iran’s Minister for Agriculture, in his interview with ILNA regarding Avian Influenza and its influence on egg export told: "The disease is under control and it is about to be eliminated. The rates are being reduced and we hope to declare an Avian Influenza free status soon."

Hojati also added that Iran Veterinary Organization is holding talks with International bodies and as soon as the free status declares, the process of egg export is going to get back to its normal situation.

Regarding fruits distributed during the New Year’s holidays, and criticisms about the qualities of apple and oranges in the market, he told: "We tried our best to deliver high quality apple and oranges."



Avian Influenza Iran's Agricultural Ministry Egg Mahmoud Hojati
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