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Head of Iran's Tea Organization says the country 's production boosted 60 percent last year.

"Mohammad Vali Rouzbahan", Head of Iran’s Tea Organization in his interview with ILNA, regarding the country’s tea garden statues said: "Tea production was increased by 60% in year 95 and the amount hits 31 thousands and 400 tones, which indicate a 100% growth."

Telling that the least amount of tea production is attributed to year 91, 92 and 93 and the most factors contributing to such reduction can be named as producers’ wide despair and the drop in irrigation fields, he added: "such issues made the domestic consumer to further consider foreign production and become inclined in buying foreign produced tea. As such many of the tea produced in our fields weren't sold out and people’s taste in tea was alarmingly changing."

Rouzbahani also made clear that the government has taken positive measures for the industry and the workers and their families that directly or indirectly are infected by the industry, and activated about 150 large tea factories and dramatically recuced unemployment threats.

"Among the most significant measures, was providing facilities and funds in the frames of "better farming" plans and also forming funds in support of the tea industry" he emphasized.   

Announcing that Iran is the only country that is not using pesticides in the cultivation process and offering semi-organic products to the market, top agricultural official added that consumers are inclined to the products and experts are trying to eliminate chemical fertilizers to produce 100% organic tea.

"So far the product has been welcomed by the market" Rouzbahan noted.



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