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Top worker union official urged workers to vote for a candidates who supports their appeals.

"Hassan Habibi", Secretary General of Tehran’s Province Islamic Labor Councils in his interview with ILNA regarding the upcoming presidential elections told: "While workers should follow their own demands and appeals, they should also participate in the election."

Habibi added: "They should vote for a candidate who is supporting worker’s interests and seek pursuing workers’ demands on his agenda."

He emphasized: "Unfortunately Iranians' choosing is based on the campaign promises that they hear and are ignoring the fact that the persen chosen, to what extent implemented such promises. As such the winner is just thinking of his second term."

According to Habibi, "Iranian politicians are used to speak by statistical language and give general information without reliable references. They are not being questioned and they know no one would pose a query. Therefore no one would oppose their statements. This is the workers’ task not to overlook their awareness and demanding attitudes; before and after the election." 

The worker activist called reclaiming the labor act amendments, the workers’ most important appeal and told: "President Hassan Rouhani’s government should put this on its agenda and should take back the bill from the parliament before the start of Worker Week and stop it. In this case, we can be hopeful that it would get workers’ support in presidential election."



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