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Tehran Chamber of Commerce official says, president's measures is an indication of positive national economic movement.

Head of Trade Commission of Tehran’s Chamber of Commerce, "Mohsen Bahrami", in his interview with ILNA said 4 years of progress and moving ahead is an indication of positive national economic movement from unacceptable situation to a positive condition. 

Asked about the prospect of President Hassan Rouhani’s activities as a representative of private section, he told: "The deal with world community and the lifting of the sanction provided opportunities for further addressing underdeveloped economic situation.

"As such we can find great horizon for the country’s economic situation in coming years. Legalizing economic and trade relations with developed countries and the upward trends in oil section interactions were among the most important factors in transferring these dynamicity to other economic sectors" he emphasized. 

In response to question regarding suggestions for government’s success in second term, he said: "Currently the most significant expectation of the private sector is to further empowering and widening potentials of all aspects of Iran’s economy and improving business spaces. We can’t forget that the only way to eliminate an stagnate economy is to support private section and gradually remove obstacles of the business." 


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