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Mass housing Association official says, previous government's wrong policies led to raise in housing prices.

Head of Tehran’s Mass Housing Association, "Hassan Mohtasham", telling that housing and construction is going to enter positive trends in the coming year, emphasized that the previous government’s policies raised housing prices by 300%. 

In his interview with ILNA, stressing that the record boost in housing prices was historic added that during those years with threefold rise in exchange rates, the country’s currency values dropped dramatically and the condition provided grounds for hike in housing prices. 

Top housing officials saying that inflation rates were highly unusual at those times told that such inflation rates contributed to the boost in prices of housing market. 

According to Mohtasham, at the time the country also witnessed rush of investments and the rise of money supply volume in housing market.

"Real Estate is a commodity that witnessed raise in its price in every 3 years. But no other goods like real estate was able to grab investors attention this much in the previous government" he emphasized. 

He predicted that housing market will become more dynamic in second 6 months of the year and said: "Raising prices up to 15% in the market is probable."



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