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The average Producer Price Index in the 12 months ending Dec. 21, which marks the end of the Iranian month of Azar, increased by 9.7% compared with last year’s corresponding period, the latest report by the Central Bank of Iran announced.

CBI put the preceding month’s PPI inflation at 9.4%. A year-on-year increase of 10.7% was registered in the index compared with the similar month of last year.

PPI (using Iranian year to March 2012) stood at 255.9 in Azar, indicating a 1.5% rise compared with the previous month. The importance of PPI lies in its predictive content for the future pattern of Consumer Price Index. Changes in PPI are usually reflected in CPI within a short period of time.

The latest CBI report shows that the average goods and services CPI for urban areas in the 12 months ending Dec. 21 increased by 10% compared with last year’s corresponding period.


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