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President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that Iran would continue its support for Iraq against terrorist groups.

He made the remarks in a phone conversation with Iraqi Prime Minister Haydar al-Abadi.

All responsible governments in the region and the world have a duty to fight terrorism and the terrorist groups including Daesh (ISIS), Rouhani added.

He underlined that Iran will side with Iraqi nation and government and continue its support for them.

Referring to the recent victories against terrorists in north of Iraq, the President said that unity of all Iraqi factions and tribes against terrorism is promising.

Unfortunately certain states still buy oil from Daesh and arm the terrorists despite their anti-terrorism gestures, he added.

Rouhani voiced hope for resolution of Iraq's internal problems, adding that Tehran is keen to enhance all-out ties with Baghdad.

Iraqi prime minister for his part thanked Iran's continued support for Iraqi nation against Daesh, adding that terrorists are a threat against regional and international stability.

Iraqi government and nation are committed to fight Daesh and eliminate the roots of terrorism from Iraq, he said.

Iraqi premier noted that Baghdad is interested in expansion of ties with Iran in all fields of politic, economy, security and culture.



Rouhani Haydar al-Abadi Iraqi Prime Minister
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