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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that Iranian nation’s nuclear rights have been established in negotiations.

“We established nuclear rights of Iranian nation in negotiations and cruel sanctions were lifted as well,” he said.

He also said that the government has launched phases 12-17 of South Pars Gas Field and 3-4 other phases would be launched by the end of this year (which ends on March 20, 2017).

Rouhani noted that the country’s gas output has increased by 150 million cubic meters annually, adding that the country’s non-oil exports outpaced oil exports for the first time in last 60 years.

Iranian president said that the first step after lifting sanctions is access to exports market, “We have got closer to the pre-sanction level.”

He noted that Iran’s condensations output has reached 390 thousand barrels in recent months from 370 thousands, adding that Iran’s crude exports jumped by 2 million barrels and oil output rose by 3.8 million from 2.7 million barrels.

Rouhani said control of foreign exchange market, economic growth and exit from recession have been among important achievements gained by the government as it took office in August, 2013.

The government has also had great success in the areas of oil and agriculture, the president added.

In the field of foreign trade, he said, the country has experienced positive development.

In the past Iranian calendar year that ended on March 19, non-oil exports from the country were more than non-oil imports that was a record for the first time during the past 60 years, the president noted.

Iran also could witness positive balance of trade for the first time after eight years, he added.

On nuclear talks, Rouhani said the nation's rights were stabilized and unjust anti-Iran sanctions were lifted after negotiations.

President Rouhani further called for unity and resistance, saying they are needed to achieve the goals mentioned.



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