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Denmark’s Ambassador to Tehran Danny Annan said the United Nations Security Council adopted the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and all countries that are members of this organization are obliged to implement it.

“Europe Union support JCPOA and all the countries must respect to this agreement.” Danny Annan added.

He told ILNA,” JCPOA led to the normalization of our relations with Iran and bilateral trade level rose, so now we do not want this important deal fails.

 “Danish companies again began its activities in Iran after removing International sanction and of course some of Danish business men travel to Iran for the first time.” Denmark's ambassador said.

“I do my utmost to assist the Danish companies in gaining a foothold in the Iranian market.” he stressed.

The ambassador mentioned renewable energy as the main field in which Iran and Denmark can cooperate.

He continued, "Donald Trump, the next US president talks about Iran creates a feeling of insecurity for Danish companies and in my opinion these statements will lead to lower investments."

He expressed hope that Iran and Denmark would witness more cordial political and economic relations. Danny Annan added, “We hope and think the relationship between Iran, Denmark and other EU countries will developed in future."


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