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Nematollah Izadi, Iran's former ambassador in Moscow said bilateral relations between Tehran and Moscow have a long history and change of governments does not affect on it.

“We are two countries which have great potentials for the development of relations and it is important to mange this relationship in win-win condition. He added

Iran's former ambassador continued that Iran's current government is sensitive to these issues and tried to seize the opportunity.

“There are several reasons for the development of relations. First, we are two neighboring countries. Secondly, we have capacities for cooperation and we can be a complement to each other in terms of political, economic, and regional requirements”; He stressed.

Nematollah Izadi said; “Donald Trump, The US next president has said several times about improving of Washington and Moscow relationship, in this regard we can hope that the relationship between Iran and United states improve as well.

But the Donald Trump administration looks as dealer government and also Russians are concerned about US and Iran’s close relations and worried about losing their interests in Syria. So Iran must mange this situation so well; He added.

In this regard, there should be mutual understanding between Iran and Russia, and we should specify that what we expect from each other and how we can take advantage of each other’s capabilities. In fact, we should have a strategy for our relations.” Nematollah Izadi added.


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