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President Hassan Rouhani said on Sunday that Iran plays key role to help resolve the regional disputes and undertake constructive and promising task to restore stability in the region.

In a televised interview addressing the nation, the President said stability and security are two top priorities of the country which would benegit both Iran and the entire region.

President Rouhani said that in Iran all are witnessing a durable security which is very remarkable and the government is quite successful in terms of maintaining national security and safety.

Iran has helped all those seeking hands from Iran such as Iraq and Syria in international campaign against terrorism and Iran strongly opposed to change of borderlines in the region requiring close interaction between resistance and diplomacy and all should help create suitable grounds for such a constructive policy.

Iran is now negotiating with Russia, Syria, Turkey and all countries in the region to help resolve regional issues and such success will be achieved in the upcoming peace talks in Astana of Kazakhstan.

Iran played significant role in defeating terrorists in the region and hopes to see the people in Iraq, Syria and Bahrain get rid of the humanitarian sufferings and the calmness come back to the region, President Rouhani said.

Terrorism is merciless issue it needs collective campaign of the international community to destroy terrorism.


President Hassan Rouhani televised interview regional disputes
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