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ILNA correspondents who attended 22nd of Bahman’s commemoration of Islamic Republic of Iran’s revolution giving reports of huge number of Iranians gathering, taking to streets around the country celebrating the event.

The 38th anniversary of the victory of Iran’s Islamic revolution was marked by regrettable absence of “Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani” former chairman of Iran’s Expediency Discernment Council.

“Ahmad Mazani”, member of parliament, said he was banned from giving speech in Bandar e Gaz, told ILNA reporter that despite having an invitation from the city's governor for lecturing at the event, after attending the rally had realized that some were objecting his speech.

Ayatollah “Ahmad Jannati”, chairman of Assembly of Experts, told ILNA correspondent that enmity with the US is the slogan of every subordinated and liberal in the world.

Today all of us are crying out loud “down with the US” and trampling their flags and this only means that in the face of suppression we are not going to back off, Janati added as he rallied in the path.

General “Hossein Ashtari” NAJA commander said that: The rally has been hold in total safety.

We were planning for the the traffic situation and security concerns have been minded and up until this moment we have just received reports of a secure celebration of the event all over the country, he added.

“Shahindokht Molaverdi”, Iran’s vice president for women and family affairs told reporters, threatening language and menace, no longer has a place in addressing Iran and the time of threatening the nations is over.

 Today in 38th anniversary of Islamic revolution the nation is integrated, united and tied as ever and moves with the same purity, independence and liberty that has given its blood for. They all have gathered here for a world free of violence and hatred, she claimed.

“Mohammad Farhadi” Iran’s Science minister said that Trump is still in election mood and in his team there are Zionists who prioritize Israel’s interest over even the US’s.

Iran’s science minister said Iranians like ever are the revolution’s companion. The most important message of such a graceful and exceptional rally is the unity and fight against Imperialism in the world and still today we believe that “US can't do anything.”

General “Hossein Salami”, deputy commander of IRGC said that people have proved their commitment to Iran  and the revolution, claimed that the number of participants in the event is increasing yearly and this is surely a sign of their devotion and loyalty.

General Ismaeli, Iranian commander: Nothing can threaten the country's security. Without a doubt such an impassioned presence in every stage of the revolution is a complement to our military power and a demonstration of our sovereignty.


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