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Former national security council deputy stressed that the supreme leader has absolute authority over direct negotiations with the US.

In response to a question regarding whether Iran has topped “Donald Trump”, US president’s agenda since he has taken office, “Seyed Hossein Mousavian”, former national Security Council deputy, told that he would be forced to back off from many of his positions regarding world challenges, like China.

“Increasing pressure against Iran is the only topic that the Congress would welcome and at the same time other countries also, either would be silent or just simply oppose” he added.

Former Iranian top diplomat, about whether he expects harsher actions against Iran, stated that Trump’s anti Iranian measures would not be limited to recent missile sanctions and entering ban.

He stressed that during “Barack Obama” presidency, anti Iran’s lobbyists have been weakened but under Trump’s administration, not only such lobbies would vitalize but also empower in the political structure and will not stand still.

Asked about his opinion about the nuclear negotiations in the time that many Iranian media and officials have steadily criticized the act and even some called it disgrace and shame, he told that he himself also doesn't recognize the reason behind the commotion since the country and United States have several negotiations in different stages. “During “Mohammad Khatami” and “Mahmoud Ahmadi Nejad”, former iranian presidents, these negotiations have been held” he emphasized.

At the end Mousavian pointing out the fact that all the negotiations with the US has been held with the authorization and supervision of Ayatollah "Ali Khamenei” Iran’s supreme leader, stated that the leader has absolute authority over holding direct negotiations with the United States and as a result everyone should consider the negotiations in Iran's interest.


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