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Iranian intelligence Minister said that the ministry hasn't find any double citizen manager yet.

“Seyed Mahmood Alavi”, Iranian intelligence Minister, pointing to the recent general prosecutors’ claim regarding some Iranian double citizen executive managers and administrators told reporters that there’s no double citizen executives, but even if there were such executive managers, is it right to disturb public opinion and make society anxious? The problem should be solved through administrative channels and it's not right to be make it public.

"Being not informed about the presence of such managers is not a crime; We guess that there are no such cases. If some have evidences regarding these cases, they should introduce them to us" he added.

Calling the Intelligence Ministry the official institution that is responsible for identifying these cases, the minister added: “We haven’t find any cases of such. It is important to note that we have information networks to search and look for such cases but haven’t found any cases, we would have been informed about it.”

Alavi answering questions regarding the authenticity of ISIS recruitment in Sisstan Balouchestan province said: “This is not true, but definitely terrorist organizations like ISIS are looking for reqruiting members in different regions but there’s not such case in Iran.”


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