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Member of Germany's Free Democratic Party in an interview with ILNA has expressed his analysis regarding upcoming election.

"Holger Strehlau", Germen politician and member of free Democratic Party in an interview with ILNA correspondent regarding political situation of "Angela Merkel", German chancellor in upcoming 2017 election said: "Considering my own view and regardless of the positions that my party has taken, I have to say that Merkel has been able to show positive performance in Germany and hence to a large extent has improved Christian Democrat party's image. In this sense, due to the support that German people has shown for her, her party has been able to overcome many obstacles that Germany and Europe as a whole has faced.

Emphasizing on the German political structure and the presence of diverse parties, Strehlau stated that his country has articulated and determined political system which can define the cabinet and the government.

"German cancellor has been able to enact good policies about immigrants. We should consider that, those who criticize Merkel are not taking into account his public support among the voters" he stressed.

Asked about the extent to what Martin Schultz's taking part in 2017 election, could reduce Merkel's vote, German authority responded that Schultz, because of his position as the president of European parliament, is a known person in Europe and since he and Steinmayer are in the same party, there's a good chance of winning the election. Thus, due to the fact that 2017 election is near, we have  to wait for candidates' speeches and the thing that might happen in the coming weeks and months, since that would define who has the most chance for winning.


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