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Iranian Embassy in Beijing on Friday in a statement appreciated the Chinese government’s goodwill on mediation between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

However, the statement said, the differences between the two neighboring countries are disparity in attitudes, practices and policies.

Saudi Arabia has been adopting sectarian policies, fanning the flames of ethnic and religious differences, supporting terrorist and Takfiri groups spiritually and financially and creating insecurity in the region, the statement added.

Touching upon the Saudi Arabia’s brutal aggression against the defenseless Yemeni people during the past two years, the statement added Riyadh is blatantly interfering in the internal affairs of its neighbors and destabilizing the region.

Referring to the regional crises, the statement said the Islamic Republic of Iran has always tried to reduce tensions with its neighboring countries.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, unlike Saudi regime, welcomes all constructive efforts and has hailed the recent Kuwaiti Emir’s proposal for settlement of differences trough dialogue in the region.

On March 8, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in a press conference expressed hope that Iran-Saudi Arabia differences could be settled as soon as possible.

Describing Iran and Saudi Arabia as good friends of China, Wang voiced Beijing's willingness to mediate between Tehran and Riyadh.

The Chinese foreign mnister proposal was rejected by Saudi Arabian envoy in Beijing.


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