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Top Azad University official told that no one has the right to disrupt an election gathering at the university.

“Taha Hashemi”, Islamic Azad University Cultural and Student Deputy regarding holding speeches and election gatherings in the university said that everyone expect from those who come to the university with their diverse intellectual and political inclinations, to honor and respect the university's reverance. The university that doesn’t have debates and deep intellectual discussions can’t succeed scientifically, and similarly in areas like cultural, social and political issues.

Hashemi emphasized that no group inside the university or outside it has the right to disturb election speeches and gatherings.

“There are specific councils which authorize any speeches and gatherings and if such a council approves an event, no one has the right disrupt it” he added. 

Top Azad University official also said that behaviors and approaches sometimes instill a specific legacy to the society and underlined that unfortunately the university sometimes like other organizations is influenced by outsider movements.

“I believe that this is not an appropriate approach and we should view university from a total different perspective” he added.


Islamic Azad University Taha Hashemi
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