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Iranian political activist has rejected claims calling the government Neo liberal.

“Mohsen Safaei Farahani”, Iranian political activist in an interview with ILNA economic correspondent in response to criticisms that has called the government Neo-Liberal and ignorant of the lower and working class, said: Since we don't have established and predefined economic strategies, we can't have lables such as Neo- liberal or Socialist in the country.

“Such terms have been made by commentators and the media. We can only call these terms if the content of economic programs would indicate such an approach. Currently the 6th Five-year Development Plan has been approved by the government. Does the plan include free market economy approaches? If not, how can we call Hassan Rohani 's cabinet, a liberal government?” he stressed. 

ٔRegarding “Donald Trump”, US president’s taking office and his protectionist approach to American businesses and how such an effect might influence the future of the economical situation of the world, he stated that, Trump’s statements are not important, what is significant, is the fact that US businesses and producers can’t compete with the production condition and costs in the east Asia.

“I don’t have any concern regarding the industrial productions, but since I take Trump as a racist populist, I can see him as developing anxiety throughout the world” he added.


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