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Top National Trust Party official told that participating in other parties meetings doesn't suggest any change of policy.

"Esmaeil Gerami Moghadam", Iran's National Trust Party spokesman referring to the party's deputy Secretary-General's taking part in the secretary meetings of some other parties, emphasized that attending theses meetings does not suggest a change in party's policies and the National Trust Party (NTP) won't propose any list of candidates which would be independent from the list that has been agreed upon by "Reformist Supreme Council for Policy-Making".

He called the decision, party's central council resolution.  

Telling that the party's general policies have always been directed towards avoiding split among the reformists, top party official stated that the decision is based on the party’s constitutive treaty and the views of the secretary general and central council.  

He also stressed that National Trust Party has participated in Reformist Supreme Council for Policy-Making list, while standing and defending its ideologies and this is true for representatives of the party around the nation.

The political activist added that during the last few months, the party has begun its activity by taking part in this reformist council.  

At the end,  Gerami Moghadam, noted that the party members would struggle to add its gifted and capable members to the final list, and this doesn’t mean having an independent act.


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