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Member of Supervisory Central Board of Iran's local elections announced that there are going to be electronic voting in numerous cities.

“Ghassem Mirzaee Nekoo”, Member of Supervisory Central Board of Tehran City Council elections, on the sidelines of a supervision on the process of registration of candidates at Tehran Governorship office informed the public about holding electronic voting in around 10 thousands voting centers throughout the country and said that we mostly consider cities with 5-7 council member for online voting. “We’ll send 30 thousands ballot boxes that have been prepared and about 5 thousands would remain for supporting purposes” he added.

According to Mirzaee Nekoo, theses ballot boxes have been checked for their security and won’t have any connection with anybody at the time of voting.

“The systems won’t have any installed software and if the electricity goes off, they will run for hours with their batteries” he emphasized.

The election official, hailed the event and expressed hope that in future, it would be available for all of ballot boxes.

He also added that the names of the cities with electronic voting system would be announced soon.

“Regulation for electronic voting in Council Election has been arranged and we hope that the measures would lead to further discipline in holding our elections” he noted.

The first day of registration of City and Village Councils of Iran which is scheduled to be held on 19 May 2017, began on Monday. Candidates for Iranian local election have attended the Tehran governorship center from early morning to officially announce their candidacy for the fifth round of City and Village Council election.




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