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Iranian President says, the government is standing by those inflicted loss in the flood.

President "Hassan Rouhani", meeting with the Chenaar Villagers in East Azerbaijan province, condoling the loss of some of the residents to their families, told the gathering in the flood stricken area: "The tragic incident in West Azerbaijan, Ardabil and Kurdistan saddened the nation."

"Those who lost their lives, weren’t just your relatives, they were our brothers and sisters" he emphasized.

Telling that the Chenaar residents in these days were facing harsh situations as they lost 20 of their loved ones while two others are still missing, Rouhani said: "The government is putting all its efforts in reconstructing buildings that were destructed and in this respect will fund and deliver cheaper facilities to those who were inflicted losses. It won’t let your challenges and miseries to last long." 

The president, appreciating the patience, resistance and solidarity of the residents of flood stricken areas underlined: "The government for helping the victims’ families and those who inflicted damages in the incident will make necessary decisions; because we need to take protective measures and remain cautious."

According to the president, the cabinet ordered the Road and Urban Development Ministry to start the building operations of the residents’ houses from today.

The president emphasized: "Citizens should know that the government is standing by them and thank them for helping each other and stay together in religious and ethical duties."  




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