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Tehran Governor Deputy in Political and Social Affairs called for observing regulations and rules in upcoming election.

"Seyed Shahaboddin Chavooshi", Tehran Governor’s Deputy in Social and Political Affairs pointing to upcoming City and Villages Council and Presidential election and the necessity of observing rules and regulation from candidates and also considering red lines in the advertisements and campaigns said: "Our red lines are national security and constitution and its principles. All the candidates should consider national security and the country’s unity and also should prove their commitments to the constitution and election laws."

Tehran’s Governor in Political and Social Affairs regarding the probable disruption of the speech events from some people or groups, said: "The province’s security provision organ is active in countering any instances of unrest or chaos in public safety and security. Different security and legislative organs are also active and are providing necessary cooperation and God willing there’s not going to be a problem. We are not concerned."

Chavoushi regarding holding election events in universities, explained: "The universities have their own particular regulations and when certification for a specific summit or event is issued, there should be necessary cooperation in this regard to let them execute their programs in legal and constitutional frames."



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