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An attack in Iran-Pakistan border left 9 Iranian guards martyred.

Border attack in South-East Iran, in the border post of MirJaveh, left 9 Iranian border guards martyred. Mirjaveh locates 75 km from the provincial capital city of Zahedan.

Among the martyred, 6 were soldiers while 3 others were military officers. 

Iran’s Law Enforcement commander in chief and some Police top commanders attended the place of the incident for further investigate and follow up the attack.

Reportedly, the attackers were from Jaish al-zolm terroristic groups and the clashes were took place at Iran and Pakistan’s border zero point. Terrorists, opened fired in the border post at Iranian border guards. 

According to Police Information Center, during the guards’ patrol in the region, terrorists from inside Pakistan opened fire at the forces.

"As the terrorists conducted the attack from inside the Pakistani territory and were awaiting guards from there, Pakistan government should remain responsible for the acts" the statements followed.




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