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Iranian Parliament member says, conservative presidential candidate's views regarding economic issues is populistic.

"Mahmoud Sadeqi", Iranian Parliament member in his interview with ILNA, regarding the overall election space in recent days and positive inclinations toward president "Hassan Rouhani", said: "as we further move ahead, the country is witnessing a fervent and election-oriented space." 

According to Sadeqi, attacks against the government are clearly increasing and there’s hope in raise of peoples votes.

Parliament official also added: "Ebrahim Raeesi" presidential candidate’s plans do not contain self-esteem and in my view he seems to be anxious. His standpoints and statements regarding economical issues are shallow and populistic. They don't seem to be serious. Due to hopes and expectations that were emerged from his presence, everyone expect him to have solid programs and start the campaign with better status." 

"It is regretful to start a presidential campaign with no economical plan and with shallow campaign promises that seems to only aim at gathering bigger number of votes" he emphasized. 

Sadeqi regarding Teheran Municipality wrongdoing, told: "There are various forms of supervisory measures in Parliament. We asked questions from Interior Minister considering the organizations not taking adequate measures and not investigating the wrongdoing. We can not simply forget the matters. These are structural corruptions and we can not be hopeful to remove them with change of the persons in these positions. We are looking for corruption sources and want to treat them."  



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