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Iranian Science Ministry top official announced the implementation of previous international agreements in the coming year.

“Hossein Salar Amoli”, Iran’s Deputy Science Minister in International Affairs in an interview with ILNA told that developing international cooperation and collaboration in the Science Ministry and at our universities as a dynamic principle is being considered and followed.

Calling the use of Iranian expatriates as a sensitive challenge, he stated that in year 1395, about 53 Iranians who reside outside the country, participated in joint study and short term programs in Iran.

"We have numerous memorandums with outher countries and aim to further boost collaborations with countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon and Tajikistan, as countries that we can deliver our science and technologies to and can develop empty and available capacities jointly" he emphasized. 

Salar Amoli announced that in the next year, the country is going to raise the number of students and faculty members, visiting from these nations and added that there are also countries like Russia, China, South Korea, Germany, Austria and Italy which are considered as strategic partners in advancing the quality of our science.

At the end, the top Science Ministry official noted that there are large number of agreements and memorandums which are going to get operational in the coming year. 


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