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Tehran Attorney General announced that two workers were responsible for the fire in Plasco building.

Tehran General Attorney, named two workers responsible for fire in Plasco building and published their confessions.

Tehran Attorney General,  held the two responsible for unintentionally causing the incident in Plasco building. Meanwhile worker's right activists believe the claims are aimed at projecting the responsibility. 

According to Tehran's judiciary officials which was broadcasted by IRIB, two Plasco workers confessed that were using an electrical wire from a ceiling lamp to run a refrigerator while sometimes, using the same electrical wire to turn on an electrical heater.   

Worker's right activists, dismissing the claims, emphasized that even if the incident was caused by their misuse of electrical device, they aren't the ones to be blamed. Because it's the contractor who is responsible for providing safe and proper instruments and devices in the workplace.  

"Hossein Habibi", General Secretary of Tehran's Islamic Work Council's Coordination, questioning the report told that, why should two workers be forced to steal electricity to meet their needs in the first place.



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