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Worker activists, praised parliament's act in repelling Labor Act amendments.

"Faramarz Tofighi", Iranian Worker Assembly Representatives' Advisor in his interview with ILNA regarding the repelling of Labor Act amendments’ in the latest Social Commission session told: "Unfortunately our expectations from governmetns in work places haven’t been met."

Tofighi added: "The bill that bin fact, butched and slayed Labor Act, is submitted to the parliament. Workers and Contractors objected to the bill that they deemed ignoring trilateralism. They voiced their opposition with loud voices."

According to worker activist, the workers’ objections have reached the legislative body.

"Times and times, the government and the Labor Ministry announced that if workers want, they can reclaim the bill. Even before the new year and in the Labor’s Supreme Council session, Labor Ministry announced that draft of reclaiming the bill is prepared and is going to be submitted. Unfortunately in practice, the government didn’t take any steps in this regard."

Tofighi noted that the Parliament’s act in repelling the bill is indicating it’s positive supervisory approach and it was better if the government itself would address the workers’ appeal and would act in reclaiming the bill.

In the end, worker house official stressed: "I hope rejection and repelling the bill initiate a precise and complete execution of all the aspects of trilateralism in our country. We also hope that afterwards, the parliament boosts its supervisional measures on government’s performances and the government in turn, steps up its interaction with workers." 



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